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    Vnity FIE Epee Blade. Please specify whether you prefer French or Pistol cut when purchase blade. Vnity FIE Epee blade is the most flexible Epee blade among all FIE Epee blades and has its famous reputation of long life.
    Please note: There is no guarantee on the lifespan of blades due to the competitive nature of this sport and variences in the way each person fences.
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    82,00 €
  • 323,50 €

    St. George 11 3-Weapon scoring machine (case included) is the basic model. This is the economy style that can be used for schools, clubs, and even in the home. Sorry, this is the special economy model and no discount will be offered.
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    323,50 €

    UIPM homologated laser pistol for modern pentathlon, with UIPM approved laser pulse.
    EXP version has 2 batteries = 4 years of use (Easily changeable). Batteries are not rechargeable
    Rear sight is tool adjustable
    Standard weight 560g, additional weights available as an accessory.
    Adjustable grip.
    Speed loading lever can be used left or right.
    Adjustable Trigger distance and Trigger Weight.
    Color: blue, orange.
    UIPM homologated, works with current UIPM approved laser pistols.
    EXP version has 3 AAA batteries (easily changeable):
    - The batterires are not rechargeable
    - Works with USB Mini cable and powerbank or mains or battery. (Cable not included)
    Compact size: 10x10x3cm, fits in medium case with PP320 and PP500.
    Hit area diameter 5,95cm. Separate front plate reduces hit area to ø3cm, enabling training at 5m distance.
    Tripod mount.
    5 LED brightness levels.

    Two available modes:
    - Training mode: green LED flashes upon hit.
    - Pentathlon mode: 5 hit counter / 50 second timer.
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    484,00 €

    German made in Allstar style floor reel. Sell each for $395.
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    320,00 €

    FULL-ARM-05 (ART.831)
    F.I.E. Approved.
    CONTROL FOR 3 WEAPONS. Manual or automatic rearmament.
    Selection of two programmes for the sabre (with or without whip-over).
    Selection of a programme useful for epée teaching, which signals the hits in rapid succession.
    A special control prevents the annoying continuous noise that occurs in sabre and foil when the fencers are not connected.
    The FULL-ARM-05 programme can be easily updated by replacing a single electronic component.
    SCORER: height of the digits 7cm, legible up to a distance of 25-30m. Count up to 99. Increase, decrease, and zero out.
    CHRONOMETER: height of the digits 5.2cm, legible up to a distance of 15-20m away. Start/Stop, 1 minute pause, Load start time. The colour of the two lighted dots between the minutes and seconds clearly and immediately indicates the chronometer status. GREEN = counting; RED = stopped.
    Counting the MATCHES. Signaling for fencer PRIORITY, with manual and random selection. Signaling for PENALTY CARDS. The red card automatically increases the opponent’s point score.
    Membrane keyboard: sturdy and reliable (5 million contacts per key).
    Sound volume adjustable to three levels. The various events are indicated by different sound signals: hit, end of time, abnormalities.
    The apparatus uses two DATA-LINE sockets to connect two panel repeaters PANEL-02 or LIGHTS REPEATERS. The Data-Line sockets can be easily increased to four by using an inexpensive accessory connector. For greater safety, the Data-Line sockets are insulated electrically through the use of optocouplers.
    The cables connecting to the repeaters, ordinarily provided with the latter, are regular telephone cables that can be easily extended to 100m, if necessary.
    ALL the visual displays on the FULL-ARM-05, including the lights signalling hits (one red, one green, and two white lights) consist of high-efficiency LED’s (average life: 100,000 hours). Therefore, the problems associated with short life and replacement of normal filament lamps are eliminated.
    Power supply: 12Vac or 12Vdc. THE ELECTRICAL POWER USED IS MINIMAL, thanks to exclusive use of high-efficiency LED’s. The maximum total power used, with two coloured lights switched on, is only 4 watts. The Full-Arm-05 can also be supplied by a small rechargeable lead-acid battery 12V, 6-7Ah. In this case, it lasts for about 30 hours before requiring recharging.
    The case, made of shock-proof plastic (the front part is in polycarbonate), is resistant even to violent accidental blows with the weapons.
    Dimensions: width 56cm, height 23.5cm, depth 8.5cm.
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    644,00 €
  • 347,50 €

    New! This fully stretchy pants is soft, stretchy, yet providing protection you need. Comes with inside lining. Now verified 350N protective! To size for Knickers, simply take your waist measurement (at the belly button) and add 2". That number should be your knickers size. Please note: Knickers only come in even sizes so if you fall on an odd number simply round up. Tall size pants are 3" longer in the inseam. For Children: Please see sizing help in the customer service section of our website, we have included a chart to help clarify the sizing
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    36,00 €

    Absolute Nylon Jackets are breathable, double layered and close knit. It is a very comfortable jacket with great quality. Now verified 350N protective!
    To size for this jacket:
    For Men: Take a chest measurement all the way around, just under the armpits around the widest part of your chest at the shoulder blades.
    For Women: Use regular bra size.
    Add 2 inches to the chest size and this will give you your jacket size. If you come to an odd number, since we only have even sizes, always round up.
    For Example: Your fencer has a 33 inch chest measurement. Add 2 inches, and you get 35... which mean's you'll need Size 36 for one of these jackets, since they only come in even sizes.
    Tall Sizes: Tall size jackets are 3" longer in the sleeves and 2" longre in the torso.
    For Children: Please see sizing help in the customer service section of our website, we have included a chart to help clarify the sizing
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    60,00 €

Сетка Список

1-10 of 60

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